Metal Chop Saw: Efficient and Clean Cuts

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Porter Cable Chop Saw PC14CTSD, 14-Inch - 15-amp motor with replaceable brushes provides adequate power for any woodwork and durability. Front D handle design reduces force required to pull handle when cutting. Quick release material clamp allows fast and easy cutting and removal of material.
Hitachi CC14SFS Chop Saw, 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable with Trigger Switch, 4000-RPM - With 15-amp and 2,000-watt motor, cutting through pipe, rebar and shaped steel is easy. Quick lock and release vise increases productivity. Simple adjustment allows miter cuts up to 45-degrees in either direction. Comes with a 5-year warranty. Good features at its price.
Evolution Steel Saw 2 Metal Chop Saw, 14-Inch - 15-amp motor and 2,200 watts, spins at 1,450 rpm without load. Dry metal cutting without producing heat, burrs or coolant. Long blade life averages 1,000 cuts in 2x2-in mild steel. Comes with extra motor brushes and safety goggles / ear plugs. Glides through heavy 0.25-inch tubing with almost no pressure.

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Metal chop saw is one of the most essential equipment and power tools being used both for industrial and commercial purposes. The tool is the counterpart of the miter saw, sometimes used interchangeably, which is being used for all types of wood crafts.

Metal chop saw is a power tool used in cutting metal in the same way as when woods are being cut by traditional miter saw. This equipment was made for the same purpose, which is to cut metal with precision and also for the user to achieve high quality output.

In terms of the unit’s appearance, this saw comes with a round table, solid pipes like the rebar. The rebar is situated in concrete so as to ensure that the concrete material will be strengthened.

Generally, there are three types and sizes of blades that are being used in this type of tool. The sizes of the blades that are being used in this power tool measures three inches, twelve inches, and the fourteen sized blade.

The larger size blades are typically used in cutting large sized pipes. When purchasing this type of power tool, it is essential that the purchaser must also consider the size of the thing that they will use the equipment into.

This is one of the things that must be considered for the user to be assured that they will make an excellent, easy and precise cut, and also to be assured that the money spent will not be wasted.

Whatever the size the blade, it will still be capable of cutting metal pipe, and even flat-stock perpendicular to its base. This tool is only used in making straight and angled cuts. This can also be used and be installed on any masonry cutoff wheel to cut masonry. Those are just some of the information where this power tool can be used.