Hitachi CC14SFS Chop Saw, 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable with Trigger Switch, 4000-RPM

Hitachi CC14SFS 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable Chop Saw with Trigger Switch 4000-RPM Rating:
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Overview of Hitachi CC14SFS Chop Saw

Hitachi CC14SFS chop saw is portable and can be used for any types of cutting or applications including woodworks, fastening, drilling, concrete and metalwork.

Intended Usages for This Product

This is one of the power tools launched in the market that can be used for different types of applications. Hitachi CC14SFS metal chop saw is a power tool that will benefit people, whose job involves making frames, cutting pipes both for industrial and commercial applications, and those carpenters.

Major Advantages Worth Mentioning

There are a lot of things that makes this power tool one of the excellent equipment available in the market. One of these advantages is its powerful motor that operates at 15 amp and operates at 2,000 watt. Due to this, the user is enabled to use the power tool even at the roughest type of application.

This feature is also the reason why this Hitachi chop saw is capable of cutting through shaped steel, rebar, and pipe with ease. Since it is portable, users no longer have to worry about carrying the power tool using other equipment. Also, this is one of the chop saws launched in the market that also offers comfort for the users. This is made possible because of the D-shaped handle, thus reducing the fatigue felt by the user whenever using the product.

Reviews from Other Users

There was only one customer who gave a review about this product. The consumers suggested that Hitachi CC14SFS does not have a rolled for its cover. We think this small downside won't impact the quality of this chop saw, especially the work you produce.

The Verdict

Based on all the things that were mentioned above, it can simply be stated that Hitachi CC14SFS does not only offer efficiency and high quality performance for its user but also the worth of their money.

Once this power tool is purchased, the user will definitely experience the ease that only this power tool can offer them while working on their job.

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Hitachi CC14SFS 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable Chop Saw with Trigger Switch 4000-RPM 3.1 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.
Reviews Hitachi CC14SFS 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable Chop Saw with Trigger Switch 4000-RPM $210.49